Star Wars Saga Edition: The Clone Wars Campaign Guide – Read-through Impressions

Continuing Wizards of the Coast’s  tradition of releasing a product months away from its tie in, the Clone Wars campaign guide is now available.  So far I’ve  purchased most of the supplements for Saga, and this may be my favorite book yet.   It has almost all of the qualities  necessary to be a worthwhile purchase.  It has new … Continue reading

Runebound: The Frozen Wastes Impressions

So, we decided to give the new Runebound expansion a go this past Sunday while we waiting for everyone to gather and make their characters for Mouse Guard. I’ve got a closet filled with games that I have yet to play, and honestly I should have given something like Android a go, or played a … Continue reading

Tips and Tactics with Agragorn “Twinkletoes” Goldman: Battlelore

Hail, young wards!  Welcome to the first installment of Tips and Tricks with me, Agragorn Goldman.  I am an experienced warrior and tactician, the greatest some claim.  Well, mostly my mother claims.  How did I come to be so wise and bold on the field of war?  Why, failure of course!  Indeed, success through failure.  … Continue reading

Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Impressions

So as was mentioned in David’s post, our group had a little bit of adventure in the world of Mouse Guard. I’ve been interested in running a Burning Wheel game for a little while now. I enjoy that it has a tangible rule set so that people who aren’t as ready to throw themselves into … Continue reading

Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Impressions

I will admit, as a fan of the Mouse Guard comics my view of Luke Crane’s new game is fairly biased.  Mouse Guard follows a civilization of anthropomorphic mice who utilize a small army of fearsome heroes to do anything from delivering the mail and fending off predators, to quelling insurrections.  The creator, David Peterson, has … Continue reading