Tips and Tactics with Agragorn “Twinkletoes” Goldman: Battlelore

Hail, young wards!  Welcome to the first installment of Tips and Tricks with me, Agragorn Goldman.  I am an experienced warrior and tactician, the greatest some claim.  Well, mostly my mother claims.  How did I come to be so wise and bold on the field of war?  Why, failure of course!  Indeed, success through failure.  It is here, within my command, where my losses will become your victories.  For our first lesson I will instruct you in the ways of battle…

Of BattleLore!


Part of Richard Borg’s Command and Colors series of fast playing wargames, BattleLore maintains a unique setting.  Unique in that you can battle in either a historical medieval setting, or you can add a twist by incorporating magic.

I’ve only played one scenario without magic, but I feel I’ve picked up enough strategy to pass along some helpful advice.  I have also played a good deal of Memoir ’44 which uses the same system.

Lesson One:

You have several command cards that would give you dominance on the sides of the map, but your opponent consistently challenges valuable units in the center.  What do you do?

I rush the middle.  This is a bad idea.  It doesn’t work for professional football teams, it won’t work for heavily armed footmen.

You may be momentarily risking a valuable unit, but if you continue to do this, you will only be wasting other useful units on the flanks.  Remember that when you command a unit they can cross of the divisions in the playing field.

Lesson Two:

Here’s an example of your hand:  Command two units on the flanks (That would be handy last example huh?), move a unit on the right, move a unit in the middle, activate all mounted units, or counter attack (playing what your opponent just played).

You have two mounted units in the middle (One of them near death, but still powerful), and still some guys hanging out one the side.  My genius strategy?  Lets counterattack!

Move one unit in the center.  That is right.  Make one attack this turn.  You have fearsome opponents on all fronts, but then you near dead cavalry hobbles up to an archer on a cliff and rolls all misses.


There are tears behind these masks.

Why would I do this?  Well to teach you this valuable lesson, of course.

Read the card.

Seriously.  You’ll hear me give this advice often.  Somehow the wunderkind,  Agragorn Goldman, assumed that he could strike again after the counter attack…pff.  NO!

Well that concludes today’s lesson.  Next time I’ll teach you how to avoid three death checks when traversing the Forgotten Realms (hint: Don’t fall down).

Goldman out.

2 Responses to “Tips and Tactics with Agragorn “Twinkletoes” Goldman: Battlelore”
  1. Ashlee says:

    Good tips. I’ll use them if I ever get to play Battlelore with you guys.

    “teach you how to avoid three death checks when traversing the Forgotten Realms (hint: Don’t fall down)”
    And THAT’s why you’re called Twinkletoes. 🙂

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