Mangled Metal!

After months of collecting dust, I have finally played WarMachine again. I was deep into the game this past summer, but I haven’t touched it since October. If you haven’t heard of WarMachine before, it is a miniatures war game akin to Warhammer. It is compatible with it’s sister game, Hordes, and is published by Privateer Press.

I met up with Jim at our FLGS a little early, which turned in out favor when I realized I had no idea how to play anymore. We eventually decided to use 500 points worth of units, and spice it up with a special scenario. We felt “Killing Fields” would be suitable. The map would have three control points in the center, lined up like a dodgeball court.

On my left we had a well as a capture point, the center was a forest, and the right had a stream with two bridges leading to a CP. Various other terrain littered the field for cover.

They held the line firm for several rounds before hell broke loose.

I won the roll, and decided to put my units into position first. I ran my heavy warjack, the Ironclad, straight into the woods to snag the first point. I set up my squad of gun mages behind a rock, ready to defend the well at all costs, and Capt. Maxwell Finn led a Journeyman ‘caster and a Charger (light warjack; armed with dual cannon and a hammer) to take the position past the bridge. Leading these men and women was my warcaster Coleman Stryker, versatile with his strong offensive and defensive abilities.

The early rush rewarded me with the first victory point of the game. My Ironclad firm sitting on it in the middle of the woods with no intention of moving. Jim’s first turn was mostly moving units into position. He was playing the Trollbloods, a Hordes faction. He position beasts close to the woods and the well, and had infantry cross the bridge on his side towards the capture point. My first victory point was received as he did not claim anything by the end of round one.

On my next turn, The Charger dashed towards the CP firing a few shots as he set down. Finn and the Journeyman caster provided cover, firing into the mass of troops coming over the bridge, but to no avail. Their march would not be impeded. I held my second position, but I felt it would not last long.

Meanwhile on the other end of the battlefield, a lone gun mage snuck off to claim the well. Her unit lay in ambush while my lancer stood nearby as a silent guard. Stryker, his squire, and my field mechanics snuck in to the forest looking for cover. Stryker felt safe behind the statuesque robotic soldier in front of him.

Valiantly defending their ground.

Jim unleashed his feat on his turn. All his units ignored terrain as they charged, allowing them to clear the distance through the woods and deliver some crippling damage. Finn’s unit were overrun. The young caster and her ‘jack were defeated, as the captain scrambled onto the bridge to make his final stand.


Ultimately the points I earned were worth nothing. The Trollblood Axer came face to face with my Ironclad’s hammer. I was not able to fend him off, and he used another spell to boost the Axer’s slam ability. My behemoth was thrown 3 inches back knocking both himself, and my warcaster to the ground. The Axer followed up, taking Stryker’s head with a free hit.

We followed up with another game afterwords. I had Jim on the ropes for a bit, but met a similar end.  Another game followed a week later, and came down to the wire.  I think I’m fully in the swing of the game again, and I plan on picking some more units for my army soon.  Some of the Legendary models, such as the warjack Thorn really have my interest.


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