Guilt Free Updates

Apologies for the lack of posts, dear readers. For my part I expect to have something up here in the next couple of days, most likely in regards to some game related to A Game of Thrones or Fury of Dracula (and general strategy is games that are one versus many). Hopefully you’ll notice that … Continue reading

Age of Conan Unboxing and Gameplay Impressions

Some of you may know I had a passing interest (read: obsession) with Age of Conan for about a month or so last summer. I played the game for hours on end, even on my vacation to Cape Cod, sky-rocketing to level 55 in a couple of weeks before running out of things to do … Continue reading

Find 12 Farting Donkeys!

I never expected to be talking about a game that lacked meeples, elves, and lasers, but here we are. I recently received Pictureka, a new game from Parker Bros., as a gift. It may seem like a gift a senile grandmother who vaguely knew of my hobbies would send me, but I had actually requested … Continue reading