EVE Conquests Impressions and Review

I suppose it is hardly surprising to find me writing another set of impressions for yet another game based on a license. I’m pleased to report that my opinions of it are quite high, owing to the surprisingly customizable game length and the choice of victory conditions, as well as the extremely simple rules. So … Continue reading

A Quick Stop Before Kokomo.

    Key Largo is one of those games that catch my eye at the FLGS one day, and I pass by whenever I go in.  It has a bright, colorful box with fun artwork.  For some reason I was never able to buckle down and buy it.  It is only $40, but not having … Continue reading

Warmachines and Hordes Session Notes

We had a three army mash-up Thursday in the Warmachines / Hordes setting. We fought for victory point totals over the course of 6 game turns, which was eventually shortened to 4 turns so we could all get home at a decent hour. It went slower due to being way out of practice. We each … Continue reading

Extra! Extra!

It’s that time of the month again. I have to muster up enough effort to make a post. This week I decided to try something a little different. I realized we have not had any sort of news column, and I will rectify that right now! I think I can squeeze a weekly column out … Continue reading