Warmachines and Hordes Session Notes

We had a three army mash-up Thursday in the Warmachines / Hordes setting. We fought for victory point totals over the course of 6 game turns, which was eventually shortened to 4 turns so we could all get home at a decent hour. It went slower due to being way out of practice. We each built 500 point forces. I played Everblight, David was on Cygnar, and Jim was the Trollbloods. In the end, it was close, but I won with a VP total of 6 against their 5. Jim almost had a final turn victory but the dice betrayed him. Here are a few pictures taken on my phone for the game. Apologies for focus or motion blur, its a phone camera afterall.

3 Responses to “Warmachines and Hordes Session Notes”
  1. David says:

    I see you left out the part where I shove a grenade in Thagrosh’s face. You almost lost him but then you had that great play with the Carnivion I’d say losing him the first time was totally worth it The Carnivion set up the block on both flanks! You pull ‘Grosh back, put the carnivon up against my heavies, and there was nothing I could do. SHUT DOWN. Good game.

  2. Junelle says:

    I should play Warmachine with you guys so I can take pictures.

  3. Josh says:

    Yes you should!

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