Guilt Free News – June Edition

Hello to everyone out there in paper gaming land. June is here, and with it comes the official start of summer, an increase in BBQ/person density, and me spending way too much money on all sorts of gaming stuff. I figure I should start a monthly announcements sort of gig. We’ll see how it goes next month I suppose, but for now here are a few Guilt Free things to look forward to:

-David and myself will be appearing in an upcoming episode of the Myriad Games podcast, talking about Age of Conan. If you are a fan of the mythos, conquest games in general, or just want to give some support, hop on over and subscribe to their feed and let them know how much you enjoyed the ‘casts. If you want to revisit our previous AoC impressions and unboxing, head over here.
-We are now on Twitter. We’ll be posting announcements of new posts etc. on your twitter feed. Check us out @guiltfreegames .

Upcoming reviews:
A Game of Thrones Board Game: If you are a George R R Martin fan and enjoy A Song of Ice and Fire, this might be the game for you. And even if you’ve never taken the dive into Martin’s fantasy epic, conquest game fans should find plenty to like here. One of my favorite mechanics: There are no dice, and all ties are decided by the player who has managed to garner enough influence to be crowned king.
A Game of Thrones LCG: In this living/collectible card game, you cast your lot in with one of seven noble houses of Westeros and battle for dominance via military might, intrigue, or displays of power. What makes it different from other card games? In the 3 and 4 player rules for the game, alliances aren’t only encouraged but in the tournament rules, enforced, causing some interesting interplay. Even if you can’t attack someone, that doesn’t mean you can’t goad another house into doing your dirty work.
-Savage Worlds: In this freeform RPG system, you are a wildcard in a stack of cards, duking it out in settings ranging from pulp serial inspired Americana, to space, and even to the zombie infested Wild West.

-Provided it arrives in stores on time, we’ll take a look at what’s inside the new Arkham Horror expansion, Innsmouth Horror.
-We’ll also poke through the new Chapter pack for A Game of Thrones LCG, and whatever else we find that seems interesting.

Expect a few new posts here and there through the month as well.

2 Responses to “Guilt Free News – June Edition”
  1. Jonathan Parkhurst says:

    Well put together gentlemen. Haven’t got to read through the whole thing yet but I’ll definitely get to it.

  2. David says:

    Ha, you didn’t get past the spam filter. I had to go put a word in with the bouncer.

    Thanks for the kind words

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