Next Month at GFG

If you think content slowed down this month, just wait for August! We’ll be busy behind the scenes with all sorts of real life happenings. Fortunately, we are professionals (well, amateur professionals), so expect us to rise to the challenge. We still have some good content in the works because we want GFG to be … Continue reading

Guilt Free Games Status Update

Hello faithful readership! Just wanted to check in with everyone and explain why content dropped off and the most recent issue of GFG Zine didn’t make it up here on schedule. I’ve had a very eventful past few weeks, and the short version is that my life has been pretty much turned upside down. As … Continue reading

Night of the Living Headbangers

The undead have risen [in popularity], and consumers have little power against the oncoming hordes.  Fortunately for humanity, Bucephalus Games has found a way to avert the zombie apocalypse.  They’ve trapped the monsters in a dance club!  They say music soothes the savage beast,  and what better music for zombies than death metal?  Driven by … Continue reading

Mechanics Study: Drafting

While in our heads we may be slaying dragons, conquering nations, and rebuilding civilization amongst the stars, all games really have us doing is pushing little plastic bits around a cardboard map. Good games are like a good pizza, and a mess of ingredients are necessary to bring out the best flavor. The mechanics of … Continue reading

Vote for Myriad Games

It would have been more helpful if I posted this earlier, but I’ve been busy and that means I don’t think well. Goodman Games is having a contest for the best game store in America, and I put my vote in for Myriad Games. Great store, great service, great people. You can listen to us … Continue reading