Guilt Free News – July Edition

Hello to everyone out there in paper gaming land! July is here, yet for some reason I haven’t been to a BBQ yet. Here is what we have in the works in the coming weeks!

-Subscribe to the Myriad Games podcast feed! We’ll be appearing on it quite frequently. If you haven’t already, give the Android Session Impressions a listen. We’ll announce podcasts as they roll out on the site as well (as long as we remember to anyway).
-We are on Twitter! We’ll be posting announcements of new posts etc. on your twitter feed. Check us out @guiltfreegames .

Upcoming reviews:
-Bang!: A rip-roaring game themed on spaghetti westerns for four or more. Backstabbing, shooting, sherrifs and outlaws!
-Mag Blast: A comic space battle game that plays easy and fast, with goofy art and lots of lasers.
-Infernal Contraption: Goblin engineers compete to make the most ridiculous machine, set in Privateer Press’ Iron Kingdoms.
-Android: Dystopian future, androids, murder, and a whole lot of homage to dystopian sci-fi fiction.
-Are You The Traitor?: A party game which is a fun and hilarious variant on Mafia.
-Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror Expansion: The latest expansion to Arkham adds some of the most beginner friendly content to the game yet, featuring characters with great skill synergy and personal missions for all characters released through this expansion.
-A Game of Thrones LCG: House Greyjoy: A new block of cards is added to the LCG set, bringing House Greyjoy to the level of those included in the Core Set. But where’s my Martell box? 😦

-A few stray articles might pop up, including a bit about drafting mechanics, and possibly a lot at the new Death Knight class added to the WoW TCG.


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