Warhammer: Invasion the Card Game – New from Fantasy Flight

Fantasy Flight games announces the LCG – Warhammer: Invasion the Card Game!

Designed by Eric M. Lang, Warhammer: Invasion suggests a Tolkien atmosphere, with Order (Dwarfs and High Elves) versus Destruction (Orcs and Dark Elves).  The game calls for two players, creating another great game to play without a group of people that is needed in other games.  The two players work against each other, building great empires with many troops, who defend the lands against foes and partake in quests along the way.

The great thing about this new version of Warhammer is that it’s an LCG, calling for very little expenses on the part of the players.  This box comes equipped with 220 cards, many tokens (or chits, as Josh would say!), and a rulebook for only $39.95.  Warhammer: Invasion sounds like it offers a great opportunity to get the experience of Warhammer without the cost of minis.  I look forward to discovering more about the mechanics behind battles and the nature of quests in this game. Keep an eye out for possible impressions of this product right here on Guilt Free Games.

So what’ll it be?  Order or Chaos?


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