Guilt Free Games Status Update

Hello faithful readership! Just wanted to check in with everyone and explain why content dropped off and the most recent issue of GFG Zine didn’t make it up here on schedule. I’ve had a very eventful past few weeks, and the short version is that my life has been pretty much turned upside down. As you might expect, being one half of Guilt Free Games, and the guy who assembles the PDF, that sort of put a kink in things, especially as far as maintaining a schedule goes.

I’m not quite out of the woods, but I’d like to let everyone know that GFG is still a priority, and I will be pushing out articles as I get the chance. I am going to bow out of scheduled zines for now, unless one of our intrepid readers wants to lend a hand with that. Whatever happens over the next few weeks I’ll try to roll out a new issue.

Related to reader help requests, I’d like to put out an open request to all readers who may wish to contribute an article, review, or session impression to the site. Yes we will proofread it, and yes we will try to make sure it stacks up to our occasionally nebulous standards, but we would welcome a new infusion of content, and it would give The Team(tm) more time to commit to other GFG endeavors.

Once again, apologies for the lack of content over the past weeks, and thanks for sticking with us. We like writing for GFG and as long as you like reading it we’ll keep working on it.


Mr Josh


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