Next Month at GFG

If you think content slowed down this month, just wait for August! We’ll be busy behind the scenes with all sorts of real life happenings. Fortunately, we are professionals (well, amateur professionals), so expect us to rise to the challenge. We still have some good content in the works because we want GFG to be your go to place for gaming reviews and advice.

If you’ve been dying to know how Bang! plays, expect not one, but two impressions. We’ll have a new contributor next month, as well as my own thoughts on the game.

Agragorn Goldman has spent months on the battlefield, so expect a field report on one of his many adventures. He’ll tell you all about the love he found on the Warmachine front.

And speaking of love, it may not be anywhere near Valentine’s day, but I’ll have an article on great date games. My “research” will be done during the middle of the month, so this may end up in September.

So have no fear readers! We have not abandoned you yet! We should have something up for you this weekend, so hold tight and happy gaming!

One Response to “Next Month at GFG”
  1. John-Michael says:

    Bah, August will be fine. Four reviews from fabulous new game reviewer John-Michael Gariepy shall see us through these dark times.

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