Battlestar Galactica Pegasus – Impressions

Last night we played the new expansion to the Battlestar Galactica board game, Pegasus. I love the original boardgame, but the expansion didn’t strike the same notes for me. I was expecting the game to feel like watching season two, where the first game was season one. Instead, BSG: Pegasus is like watching the whole … Continue reading

Battle Spirits – Is this the next big CCG until they start printing sliced bread?

Battle Spirits, the latest Collectible Card Game (CCG) by Bandai is beautiful. Face down, the cards look like an expensive set of playing cards. Flip the cards over and the card frames are intricate and lush. There’s some oddity about how the text boxes are spaced out, since many cards have a huge blank spot … Continue reading

Gen Con Preview Explosion!

Last Tuesday, a few of the Guilt Free Gamers met up at our favorite FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) Myriad Games, located in Salem, NH.  Dan, FLGS owner, operator, and Guilt Free Games supporter, came back from Gen Con Indianapolis with a smorgasbord of gaming goodness: preview copies of some of the hottest and most … Continue reading

Aquarius: Mystic Crystal Revelation! But is this the Mind’s True Liberation?

Looney Labs is redistributing Aquarius, and Guilt Free Games got our hands on a demo copy, so I decided to give free loving a try. The rest of the players pushed me back in my chair, dumped a cold glass of water on my head, and insisted that we should play Aquarius instead. Grumbling, I … Continue reading

Arcane Legions – An Early Look

One of the perks of writing for this blog is that I can say that I write for a blog. One of the perks of knowing the folks behind Myriad Games is that I get to preview quite a few games these days, some good, some bad, and some SUPER SECRET. During their excursion to … Continue reading