From the Journal of Agragorn Goldman

6/30/09 – Cygnar Border.

I have once again found myself on the field of battle.  Under the command of Commander Coleman Stryker, I was placed in a Cygnarian gunmage unit.  We had captured a mercenary named Alten Ashley who had been working with the Trollbloods.  In the midst of the interrogation, we received the alert.  A squad of Trollblood warriors were marching upon us.  They had launched a rescue mission, and Stryker was not willing to give up his prisoner.

Gaming - Warmachine 010

He ordered the gun mages to defend the hill, and took his warjacks down towards the ruins.  We held our line, but between the ruins and the hillside was a dangerous opening.  Capt. Maxwell Finn was left behind to watch Ashley.  If he was freed we would stand little chance of victory.

As the Trolls came over the crest of the hill, we fired upon them.  We missed widely with each shot due to our impatience.  Before we could reload, a slag Troll had launched a counter attack. As we dodged his boulders, more Trolls charged us.  I barely remember what had happened, but when I opened my eyes I was lying still on the ground.  There were only a few of our squad remaining, and I could see that a squad of snipers had crept through the hedges to flank the ‘jacks on our right.  The Charger, a unit that excelled from afar but also wielded a hammer, had taken too many shots to the legs.  Stryker wasn’t phased, and the Charger made a fine turret.

Gaming - Warmachine 001

The Trolls had taken the hill, and more were heading to the gap that had worried me so.  We had been beaten back down there, and the oncoming horde filled me with dread.  Just when I thought we would be trampled, a Lancer ‘jack appeared to halt the advance.  His shield and lance were being torn off of him, but he had mechanics with him who wielded their own brand of magic to keep him in fighting shape.  I was unable to move, but two of my comrades joined the battle.  A Troll swung his axe at a young woman, who seemed too fair to be in such a bloody battle.  She deftly avoided the blow, but her compatriot was not so lucky.  Fueled by coal and vengeance, the Lancer plunged his weapon into the attacker.  The woman, who I’ve named “Lady Luck,” ended the Trolls pain.

Our own pains could have been worse if it wasn’t for our Ironclad.  While the Ironclad is a large machine wielding a powerful hammer, the warbeast Mulg was even more formidable.  The Ironclad kept him at bay for several moments.  It parried several attacks from the tree trunk sized club Mulg carried, responding with several bone-shattering strikes of his own.  The tide of the battle turned when the Commander struck from around the corner by channeling his Earthquake spell through the Lancer’s arc node.  Mulg toppled over, and the Ironclad swung his hammer down upon the beast.  He tossed Mulg aside, and Lady Luck fired several Thunderbolt rounds from her Magelock Pistol to send him reeling back further.  Mulg used the space to regain some strength, but the Ironclad finished the monster off before it could rejoin the battle.

Gaming - Warmachine 013

Within moments, we had gained momentum.  Lady Luck cut a swath through her enemies, and Stryker had confronted the squad of snipers. Up close, they posed little threat and were dispatched easily.  Maxwell Finn, however, was in trouble.  The Axer had confronted him face to face, shutting down the advantage Finn had with his chain-gun.  Finn gained some much needed mobility to help him dodge the beast though.  He managed to slice the Troll several times with his knife, and he cut him deeply.  The axe cut deeper.  Soon Alten Ashley was free, and his skill with his long-ranged rifle would be formidable.

Gaming - Warmachine 017

Suddenly, the true nature of why the Trollbloods wanted Ashley so badly was revealed.  In a startling act of betrayal, the Axer frenzied, cutting Ashley in two.  Seems the Trollbloods had their own debt to settle with him. I can imagine he knew dangerous secrets.

Gaming - Warmachine 020

After several moments, our forces were about even.  The Trollbloods had a bit more stamina in them, but the Cygnar had much more heart.  Lady Luck proved important with her nimble movements, sharp eye, and the graceful dance of her longsword.  Angus and Stryker were ready for their face-off.  As the Trolls marched towards us, Angus fired a trap, pinning Stryker and his Squire ‘jack in place.  Stryker cast Earthquake again to buy some time, while the Ironclad stood by him for protection. Stryker took several hits and was nearly out, but then the Ironclad slammed the Axer onto Grim Angus.  Stryker freed himself and marched over.  With a round from his pistol and an Arcane Bolt, Grim Angus was defeated.

After the battle, Stryker took his remaining ‘jacks on a top secret mission into Trollblood territory.  The survivor’s, Lady L and I among them, waited for the Cygnar paramedics to bring us back to a nearby base.  After my wounds had healed, and after several failed attempts at Lady L’s heart (my tales of valor left her unimpressed), I left the Iron Kingdoms.  My nomad’s heart followed the road to more adventure.

Gaming - Warmachine 019

3 Responses to “From the Journal of Agragorn Goldman”
  1. Kyossed says:

    This. Is. Awesome.

    Seriously, I love Warmachines, and I could see the whole battle playing out as you described it. Well done!

  2. David says:

    Thanks! I wish I had some better pics, but it was an awesome battle. The scenario we played was tense because rescuing Alten Ashley gave the Trollbloods a huge point advantage over me. If the Axer never frenzied I would have been outnumbered.

    I was going to just do a play by play, but I wanted to dust off the Agragorn character and try something more interesting.

    Thanks for the support!

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