Timestreams: Stella! Another one of these damn kids jumped in front of my car! Come on out here and help me take him in the house!

On Tuesday night, the Myriad Games Podcast crew get together to play, talk about and review games. In order to expedite the learning curve for our games, we bring one home to read the rules and prep the game. After all, if we spend most of our time learning the game of the night, our … Continue reading

Dinner, a Movie, and Meeples

Gamers are often stereotyped as dateless losers.  What girl would want hang out with a guy that plays Magic and uses an oversized d20 as a paperweight?  Where lies the common interest?  But I contend that girls share more interest with a gamer’s hobbies than those of a jock.  Many girls are interested in board … Continue reading

Whack a Catgirl: The Zany Madca-Oh God, I can’t do this…

I mean, there are so many levels of nerdiness associated with this: The Japanese obsession with teenage girls, The American misunderstanding and glorification of everything Japanese, Furries, and let’s not forget that we’re still talking about a card game… heck, I’m writing a game REVIEW on the subject. My understanding of the Japanese language is … Continue reading