And Beyond.

A wonderful thing about board games is that opinion can easily change with multiple plays. If you like a game your first time playing, a second game a few months later might be terrible.  The mood you’re in, the people you play with, or learning a rule you missed the first time can all alter … Continue reading

To the Stars…

[UPDATE: If you want to know what I think about the game after a few more plays, check out my follow-up review. ] Ad Astra is the first of Nexus Games’ Nexus Designer Series, published in North America by Fantasy Flight. The Designer Series shines a light on specific designers; for this first entry they … Continue reading

Middle-Earth Quest Update

Several months ago I made a boring, cop-out post with news about Middle-Earth Quest’s announcement.  The game is available now, but I don’t think anyone jumped on a written review.  We did, however, record a podcast review with Myriad Games that I think is totally worth checking out for Jeffery Norman Bourbeau’s (JNB) musical number. Where there’s … Continue reading

FFG Announcement: Runewars

Fantasy Flight Games has built quite the stable of games in the past few years, but even they had humble beginnings. One of their first games was Battlemist, and FFG announced yesterday that they will be revisiting their past. Battlemist is being rebranded as Runewars, and it is being redeveloped by Corey Konieczka (Battlestar Galactica). … Continue reading


The October air is beginning to chill, and here at GFG North headquarters that means people will soon forget how to drive in the snow as if they hadn’t lived in New England all their lives. Don’t worry, GFG is here to keep you warm this winter with our revamped News Department! We actually got … Continue reading