Happy Halloween!


After a slow September, we promise some excitement here for the next month.

Most of us are pretty excited for Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday for spending time with friends, and I try to make it last all month long. We’ll be playing horror themed games all through October, and hopefully we can get most of those articles up before the 31st. Some may bleed into November.

Jeff’s review of A Touch of Evil will be posting next week, and I have a review of Playroom Entertainment’s Unspeakable Words. I also have intention to spread the word on Dread and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Josh should have a Fury of Dracula review this month. I don’t know what JM has in store, but I’m sure he will be prolific as always.

Besides the Halloween theme, we have some other articles lined up. I have a comparison between the WOTC Star Wars RPG and the old West End Games edition. I also picked up Ad Astra, and will be reviewing that. You can read my preview here. Josh is planning a review on the limited edition release of Space Hulk, and JM might have a review of the unique Tales of the Arabian Nights.   Be sure to catch his review of Timestreams.

That’s a lot of content, but I’m confident that we, the GFG crew, will bust our humps to bring you our always reliable reports.

One Response to “Happy Halloween!”
  1. John-Michael Gariepy says:

    Hmpf. I don’t know what John-Michael plans on doing for Halloween = indirectly, John-Michael must do a Halloween themed review, or he will be thought of as a pansy until Christmas.
    Alright, I get it. Time to step up!

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