The October air is beginning to chill, and here at GFG North headquarters that means people will soon forget how to drive in the snow as if they hadn’t lived in New England all their lives. Don’t worry, GFG is here to keep you warm this winter with our revamped News Department!


We actually got some nice buzz about a new expansion for Memoir ’44 yesterday, but I missed the boat on getting it out. It has now been officially announced. The new expansion is Sword of Stalingrad. It’s exciting news for M44 fans.

This is the first expansion to feature a brand new Combat Deck. If you haven’t played before, the combat deck is how you select you actions each turn. This new one is designed for urban warfare, which is the focus of the four new scenarios.

As with most Memoir ’44 expansions, a you’ll need to have previous expansions, several copies of the base game, and maybe your own Sherman Tank at the rate they are increasing the entry to these expansions.


In A Game of Thrones news, Fantasy Flight is getting ready to release the next set of chapter packs — Defenders of the North. The new set will focus on the Night Watch’s battle against the Wildlings. The first chapter pack will be Wolves from the North, and it will introduce stackable agendas. This set will be sure to excite all the Ygritte fans out there.


Arkham Horror fans will be exited for the new miniatures packs that will be released in the coming months. These are pre-painted pewter miniatures of the existing Arkham Horror heroes. They are set to release in 2-packs for about $13, and will be released one pack a month. They will make fine editions to many pulp adventure RPGs too.

That’s all I have for you today. It might not seem too different, but rest assured we are taking the same large strides in news as we are with all of GFG. Lots of wheels are turning in the background to give you the quality games coverage you deserve.

GFG North newsdesk signing off.

[Thanks to Ashlee for the sneak peak at Memoir ’44 and the photo.]

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