Adventurers!: Just how many priceless treasures are there in forgotten temples, anyhow?

The guys at AEG bill Adventurers as the first 15 minutes of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc.  Instead of balancing an idol against a bag of sand, though, players ransack an ancient temple looting anything that’s not engulfed under waves of lava.  The winner is the adventurer who escapes the ancient temple with … Continue reading

Strategy Series – Devious Intentions

Hey everyone. I know I’ve been a ghost here for the past few months, but I didn’t want you to forget about me, so I decided I would write a few strategy articles for various games. I can strategize unfettered and fill in my review gaps! Anyway, to kick this off I thought I’d bring you a … Continue reading

Tales of the Arabian Nights: In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

raise be to Allah, the Beneficent King, the Creator of the Universe, who hath raised the heavens without pillars and spread out the earth as a bed.  The games of former generations are a lesson to posterity; that a man may review the remarkable games that other have experienced, and be admonished.  Extolled be the … Continue reading

Can You Survive a Night at the House on the Hill?

I buy many games a year. Some I play often, some I play once, and some I have never opened. Betrayal at the House on the Hill holds a special place because it is such a great game for Halloween. It has become a tradition in our home to play the game at our Halloween … Continue reading