Roll to Escape Your Cell. DC is 25.

Last week, AP reported a wacky story centering around a controversial decision to not allow an inmate convicted of murder to play Dungeons and Dragons. After his books and a 96-page adventure he wrote were confiscated, he sued the prison officials. He claimed that the ban violated his rights to free speech and due process. The … Continue reading

Second Edition of Betrayal Announced!

Back in November, we ran a piece on Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and how it was so awesome that Wizards of the Coast should reprint it. I guess they heard my plea because shortly after I posted that article, designer Bruce Glassco announced on Board Game Geek that they were reprinting their haunted house … Continue reading


Pachoooom! Direct Hit! The dreadnought Ares has been destroyed, leaving the starboard side of the Lords of Kalgon’s capital ship vulnerable. Fortunately, a scout ship moves swiftly enough to fire a retaliating blast to the Freep’s fighter carrier Vengarr. Blam blam! The noble, yet cute, Freep’s scoff at such a puny attack, maneuvering their fleet to unleash an all out attack against the wrinkly-foreheaded warriors. Pew! Chooka Chooka! Kazow! Within … Continue reading

Snow drifts, sinister trees, ex-girlfriends… Toboggans of Doom indeed.

We here at Guilt Free Games tend to shy away from wasting time on games we dislike, or games that didn’t really ‘click’ with us. Some companies release products and we are inclined to look at the game in a positive light based purely on their track record, without any doubt that it will, somehow, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s been one year since we begin Guilt Free Games. We begin as a teeny tiny blog of two people, and we grew into a tiny blog of four people. We have over sixty posts in the last year, which is surprising considering how many months we didn’t really post anything!  Here are some of … Continue reading