Great News For LCG Fans!

As we’ve discussed in the past, FFG’s living card games are an affordable alternative to most other collectible card games.  Getting every card in the latest sets in one $10 box is a great deal.  Unfortunately, each chapter pack only includes triplicates of half of the twenty cards.  If you’re like Josh, you might be sick of shelling out $30 a month on A Game of Thrones packs to run three Silent Sisters.  If you’re like me, you spend $10 a month and are owned by three Silent Sisters.

Originally, I assumed this was the usual nickel and dime that I’m used to from my game publishers.  In a recent news post, however, Fantasy Flight claims:

For several reasons. At the time we launched the LCG format, it was important to FFG to keep the monthly decks below the $10 price point, which placed restrictions on the contents. Then we had to guess not only whether the format would be popular enough to support a long-term business, but whether the typical customer would want to purchase one or three decks (making the 40-card format a reasonable middle ground that also met our costing restrictions). As we already had successfully published several experimental Asylum Packs in the 40-card format for the Call of Cthulhu CCG, it seemed prudent to launch the LCG concept with this collation.

That sure is some smooth talking, but in a surprising move Fantasy Flight has revealed a new format for their chapter packs.  Instead of having to spend $30 a month for three packs, the new price point will be $15 for triplicates of all twenty cards.  This comes shortly after the news that Fantasy Flight will cease production on its UFS and Kingdom Hearts CCGs in order to focus on their LCG line.

This is sure to keep interest in the game.  For casual players like myself, it’s difficult to stay competitive on the current model.  Players who need every card three times over will be even more thrilled when they realize they don’t need to take out a loan from Jimmy Two-Teeth to afford a chapter pack.

This change affects all of A Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulu, Warhammer: Invasion, and (spoilers!) all future living card games.  The changes will take effect after the current production cycles are complete.

You can read more at Fantasy Flight’s website.

One Response to “Great News For LCG Fans!”
  1. Jonathan says:

    Growing up spending $100-200 EASILY on TCGs, this is a breath of fresh air. I can pick up a set for cheap and have a great time playing within minutes.

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