Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s been one year since we begin Guilt Free Games. We begin as a teeny tiny blog of two people, and we grew into a tiny blog of four people. We have over sixty posts in the last year, which is surprising considering how many months we didn’t really post anything!  Here are some of our favorite articles you may have missed over the past year.

The First

When we first started GFG, Josh and I each posted short reviews or impressions of Mouse Guard. We meant to follow up with more detailed reviews, but we never did. It did win our RPG of the Year award, so I think that says enough about how we feel about the game.

Josh’s Review

Davids’s Review

The Features

We begin GFG by mostly writing reviews. We like to break out of that mold once in a while with articles that delve a little deeper. Here are some of our favorites.

Here is the first feature I wrote. It’s a study of drafting mechanics using several different games as examples.

Here’s an article where I express my desire for a reprint of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. As it turns out, I’ll be getting my wish. I’ll be following up on the rerelease as I find more information.

Here’s part one of a series of articles John-Michael is writing. It is very entertaining, so stay tuned for more from him.

Agragorn “Twinkle-Toes” Goldman

Agragorn is the unsung hero of GFG’s writing staff. He mostly pops his head in to give advice where he has no business to.

Agragorn’s Battlelore Tips

Agragorn’s Report from the frontlines of Warmachine

Agragorn isn’t the only one that provides tips and tricks. Josh wrote a good strategy guide for a Game of Thrones deck. I’d like to see more of these, so hopefully he’ll do another soon.

The Reviews And of course, reviews are our bread and butter here. We’ve always tried to keep a stance of never giving a real score to games. We’d rather give you our own opinions without whittling the game down to an arbitrary number. Here are some you may want to look back on.

Pictureka Eve: Conquests

Savage Worlds Zombie Mosh

Aquarius Whack-A-Catgirl

Probe Runebound: The Frozen Wastes

Vikings A Game of Thrones: The Board Game

Kachina Catan Geographies: Germany

Thanks for reading! We’ve had a successful first year, but we think 2010 will be even better!

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  1. Ashlee says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

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