Second Edition of Betrayal Announced!

Back in November, we ran a piece on Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and how it was so awesome that Wizards of the Coast should reprint it. I guess they heard my plea because shortly after I posted that article, designer Bruce Glassco announced on Board Game Geek that they were reprinting their haunted house game in the fall of 2010. A quick Google search hasn’t found official word on it, but I’ve heard this news from retailers as well.

Glassco says that along with revisions to the earlier rules, we can expect new haunts, items, and art. He said the counters will be new with more graphics, but I am still holding out for Descent style miniatures. An interesting note found later in the thread is that the cards will have the same backing, so you can still use your old cards if your favorite item or event is cut from the new release.

The original production was high quality, but with all the big box games that have come out in the past few years Wizards might need to step up their game. If this reprint is successful, maybe we will see a resurgence for their board game division. If anyone can give FFG healthy competition it will be Wizards. It’s nice to know that they are taking revisions seriously, since the largest fault of the original edition are errors that greatly affect the gameplay. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the news and previews we come across (even if it isn’t timely!) because I cannot wait for this game.

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