Coming This Spring: The Lords of Winter

With last year’s releases of Kings of  the Sea and Princes of the Sun, it was nice to see the forgotten houses receive some attention in the Game of Thrones LCG. But I am a devoted Stark player, left to drool over the epic house cards from those sets. Fantasy Flight might be rectifying that, however, with the spring release of the Lords of Winter deluxe expansion.

From their newsletter:

The Lords of Winter expansion contains 165 cards (3 copies each of 55 cards), including Eddard and Catelyn Stark, Winterfell, and “The King of the North”, Robb Stark. Players of other houses will also find a wealth of new strategies, tactics, and deck-building options. Additionally, as an introduction to the art of customizing a deck, Lords of Winter offers deck lists for two exciting theme decks, one featuring the Tullys of Riverrun, and the other featuring the Direwolves of the North.

Seeing as I just spent thirty dollars on the Kings of the Sea expansion for a King Robb card, that bit doesn’t get me too excited, but I’m sure all the other cards will impress. Catelyn cards are always important in a House Stark deck. I appreciate that they will include a deck building guide because I need all the help with deck construction that I can get.

Kings of the Sea came with a large resin house card for House Greyjoy, and House Martell saw their house card release a few weeks later. I’m hoping they continue making these, so I can have a big plastic direwolf to slap on the table. I’m sure a few months later my plastic direwolf will be staring down resin lions and stags too.

Check out FFG for more about the next expansion and a preview of an improved Shaggydog card. (My analysis of the new Shaggydog: Want.)


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