My PAX East 2010 Adventures

The Penny-Arcade Expo is known as the largest consumer video game convention, but board games have a big presence there too. Wizards of the Coast, Steve Jackson Games, Z-Man, Days of Wonder, and more had awesome booths. There were several rooms packed with gamers, and I even got to see D&D being played on the … Continue reading

Star Trek: Pandemic

Captain’s Log. Stardate 8132.4: My crew and I have been captured by an alien presence calling himself a ‘board game reviewer’.  This obtuse interloper claims that he is “writing an article about playing board games solo,” and has recruited us to help him. Spock argued with the mad reviewer that, if we are helping him, … Continue reading

A Game for Mavericks and That Ones

I’m going come right out and say that Campaign Manager 2008 is one of the best card games I’ve ever played. I want to ignore the theme and only gush about how wonderful the mechanics are, but the 2008 presidential campaign is inextricable from the gameplay. Thanks to well thought out components, this game is … Continue reading

What’s Cookin’ on Game Night.

Even though gamers are a strange bunch of people, we do have one thing in common with the rest of the world — we still need to eat. While most gamers are satisfied with Domino’s pizza and Mountain Dew, Cynthia Nims’ presents more game friendly snacks in her new cookbook “Gourmet Game Night.” Personally, I … Continue reading

Game Night, Part Three: The Quest for Vengeance!

In a far away land, in the distant future, one man musters the courage to gather an unlikely band of adventurers to battle the ancient powers of sloth and inertia. This winter, Prepare yourself for Game Night! An action-packed media sensation where cowards perish and the fierce break all the rules. Chapter III: The Quest … Continue reading