Dweebies are some swell guys to pal around with. The can fix your sink, sing, surf, and quite a few are superheroes. They’re so cool, all your friends want to hang out with them too. You’re going to have to show them you’re the coolest kid on the block by befriending the most Dweebies. How … Continue reading

From Bits to Chits: Fable 2

John-Michael isn’t the only one who gets series! In From Bits to Chits I’m going to rant about video games that would make a good transition to board games. Plenty of games have made their way to the table, including Warcraft, Halo, and Eve Online. Besides video games being adapted to the table, what great … Continue reading

Three Things You Can Do To Help Us Out

For those of you who haven’t heard: Stephen Baldwin of the Baldwin brothers lost his millions and needs your donation so he can be a millionaire again. I know, I know, it is difficult to imagine how a man so high in the circles of Hollywood (Bio-Dome, Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice) can fall … Continue reading

Zombies! Zombies!! Zombies!!!

Every October, I make it a point to play as many horror games as I can. Halloween must have come early this year because this week we had an impromptu marathon of zombie games. We played Zombie Fluxx, Zombies!!!, and Zombie Cinema. While each game shares a theme, they all played differently. Zombie Fluxx was … Continue reading