Three Things You Can Do To Help Us Out

For those of you who haven’t heard: Stephen Baldwin of the Baldwin brothers lost his millions and needs your donation so he can be a millionaire again. I know, I know, it is difficult to imagine how a man so high in the circles of Hollywood (Bio-Dome, Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice) can fall so low. At we learn that Stephen is a recent Born-Again Christian, and many people now mock God for not stopping Stephen from over-borrowing, living beyond his means, then filing bankruptcy. Now you can go to Stephen’s website and help show those heathens that God is awesome by returning a rich man to his proper place.

He also goes by 'Barney Rubble'.

I wish the previous paragraph was parody, but it ain’t. Check the website if you must. I keep searching for a link back to The Onion’s homepage, but I just can’t find it. Steven Baldwin has so much hubris, he makes Lex Luthor look like a used car salesman.

At Guilt Free Games, we don’t want your money. Actually, we do; we would like to have your money, but we don’t expect you to give it to us. That’s cool. I wouldn’t give you my money either, so we’re even. There are, however three things you can do that would help us move from a game blog with a respectable number of hits to a game blog with slightly more hits than that. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure, since you can do one, two or all three of these things. It is also not like a Choose Your Own Adventure since you are not reading a book, there are only three choices listed, and you can’t keep your thumb on this page in case the choice you are making has the words “The End” on it. Either way, no matter how much you plead with your fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Shertz will not allow you to write a book report about it.

1). Join us on .

If you have a Facebook account, click on this link and sign up. When we put up a new article, or have something interesting to say, it will pop up in your Facebook feed. You might as well join our Facebook group while you’re at it. It’s located at this link instead. I may have linked my last 5 articles to our group instead of our news feed, since, only recently did I realize they were separate things. The internets is a series of tubes.

Also, by not being a part of our Facebook group, you miss out on stuff, like this:

Cynthia Nim, author of “Gourmet Game Time” had some very nice things to say about Dave’s new article “What’s Cookin’ On Game Night!”. I linked to Cynthia’s article, since she was kind enough to link to Dave’s article. If your only interested in what she had to say about Dave, skip to the second to last paragraph. I won’t tell…

or this:

John-Michael Gariepy: Okay, does someone want to explain why *two* people found Guilt Free Games by searching for “free pictures of david hasselhoff” yesterday?
Junelle Faye: Hey, I heard you guys could tell me how to get my hands on some freebie photos of The Hoff?

2). Give us the Thumbs up on Stumbleupon.

For those of you who aren’t cool, Stumbleupon is an app for your web browser. When you press the ‘stumble’ button, SU takes you to a random web page that agrees with your interests. If you like, or don’t like something, you click thumbs up, or thumbs down, and StumbleUpon uses that info to bring you more pages (or less pages) like that one. The more times something gets the thumbs up, the more likely someone else will view it. If you already have StumbleUpon, great! Just click thumbs up on our main page. Want to help out some more? Go to some of the articles you read and liked and give them the thumbs up too. If you have Digg you’re more than welcome to Digg us as well, but I prefer StumbleUpon.  Besides, four thumbs up on StumbleUpon is stronger than two on StumbleUpon and two on Digg.

3). Write for us.

“Woah, woah, woah…” you say, “Those other two things were simple. Writing a whole article is way more work. And how dare you write me into your article! I was much more comfortable reading than having you put words in my mouth.”

Fair enough. Writing articles for Guilt Free Games is a thankless job. Except when we say thanks. What I mean is, no one is going to pay you for your hard work, so why bother?

Well, I’m halfway through a novel inspired by my ‘Tales of Arabian Nights’ article.  Josh has made countless pennies writing for the Raleigh Board Game Examiner, and Dave, after learning what makes a good article here, has been publishing articles on Although Jeff only wrote two articles for us, he has two plays out in the works right now. Yeah, Jeff would have written plays without GFG, but keep focused, I’m working on something here.

If you want to start writing and don’t know where to start, then you’ve found it. I’m not saying we want to publish amateurish work, but let’s face it: Guilt Free Games is not going to win a Pulitzer for journalism within the next couple of years. All we want is an entertaining 1,000 or so words about something related to games. How long is a thousand words?  This article is a little over one thousand. If you do want to write an article, you can contact us at guiltfreegames @ We’re open-minded, so as long as it is associated with games, and we haven’t already done it, we’ll probably accept whatever idea you have. Before you submit you’re article to us, though, I suggest one thing: Remove all adverbs. It’s not actually a great idea – It’s a great idea. You won’t really sound like you seriously know what you’re doing – you’ll sound like you know what you’re doing.

3 Responses to “Three Things You Can Do To Help Us Out”
  1. Josh says:

    Unfortunately I can totally count the pennies.

  2. David says:

    Perhaps they are “countless” in that you wouldn’t want to bother. 😉

  3. dillon says:

    Gonna take me a second to accomplish thos tasked but i got cha

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