Dweebies are some swell guys to pal around with. The can fix your sink, sing, surf, and quite a few are superheroes. They’re so cool, all your friends want to hang out with them too. You’re going to have to show them you’re the coolest kid on the block by befriending the most Dweebies.

How do you make friends with a Dweebie? Well it takes a one to know a one. In a deck of Dweebie cards, there are one to four multiples of each character type. So there may be three Dweebies dressed as rabbits, but only one is an artist. As you play the cards on the table, your goal is to collect rows of Dweebies by “bookending” them with matching Dweebie cards. This is a game of probability, but the game isn’t all about chance.

Sixty illustrated cards come in a handsome tin case, and the art is bright, vibrant, and whimsical. Similar to another Gamewright game, Thing-A-Ma-Bots, the cards are a lot of fun to look at as you play. Since the key to victory is knowing how many of each card type are in the deck, each card features one to four dots in the corners to show you how many are available.

Dweebies is clearly billed as a kids game, but like most Gamewright games, it’s fun for all ages. Everyone I’ve played with has been eager to play multiple games in a row because the game is fun and fast to play, yet I’ve only shared the game with adults. I recommend Dweebies to people who are drawn to cartoonish art, quick card games, and playing the odds.

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