Oh, I Forgot to Tell You, We’ll Be At GenCon.

Most of the GFG crew is going to this year’s GenCon. We’re excited, are you? We’re only unofficially representing GFG while we’re there. Officially, we’ll be promoting Game Salute. You’ll find quite a bit of GFG articles being syndicated over there, and I write the daily news for the site. Game Salute is making their big debut … Continue reading

Agragorn Goldman’s Advice to the Noob GM: What To Do When the Party Fails Your Crucial Perception Check

Agragorn Goldman has taken time out of his busy schedule of falling down pits and being whallopped by orcs to write another advice column rising out of his own pathetic failures. – David Keldor the fighter and Brandywine the ranger finally make their way to the inner sanctum of the evil wizard’s tower only to … Continue reading

Three Dragon Ante: Emperor’s Gambit: When the game being reviewed has a colon in it, I get confused.

Want to know a secret? I don’t got a lot of money to throw around. I know what your thinking: “But, John-Michael, how can that be? You write such awesome articles for Guilt Free Games! Surely, a side effect of all these wonderful game reviews is that you are rich beyond your means!” Alas, this … Continue reading