Battles of Westeros – Epic Game of Thrones Infusion, or Battleflop?

Westeros. Land of adventure and intrigue. Inspiration for a solid RPG, an excellent LCG, and one of my favorite conquest games. You would be forgiven for thinking that we tend to fawn over all things Westeros here at GFG. Indeed, most games based on George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy tale are compelling, complex, and … Continue reading

The Guilt Free Games Podcast – Episode 1

Well, it has finally happened. We are proud to present episode one of a (hopefully) long and successful podcast career. We will be moving the feed eventually, but we didn’t want to make everyone wait. Please give it a listen and tell us your thoughts. We are still exploring what we want to do with … Continue reading

A GFG Review of the Game Formerly Known as Pink Godzilla

It may not be worth reviewing Pink Godzilla Dev Kit since it technically doesn’t exist anymore, but gosh darn it, it’s a game worth playing. Pink Godzilla, published in 2006, is a card game created by a video game store (formerly) of the same name. Instead of referring to it as the legally prohibited Pink … Continue reading

GFG Giveaway – Enter to Win Savage Worlds: Explorer’s Edition

As I mentioned in my Gen Con post, I picked up the Savage Worlds limited collector’s edition. I’m willing to part with one of my gently used copies of the Explorer’s Edition, but no one seemed to notice the mention of our first GFG Giveaway in that post. So once again, send an E-Mail to … Continue reading

Game Essentials – Warhammer: Chaos in the Old World

This series aims to look at some of our favorite games in various genres, and why we love them so much. These aren’t reviews. These are opinions. If you don’t like them, troll and flame away. If you do, perhaps we can be friends! Warhammer. It conjures up images of complex, time consuming, and wallet … Continue reading