Oh, I Forgot To Tell You. We’re Back From Gen Con!

We had an awesome, but busy, time at Gen Con 2010. I wrote a lot of coverage of the convention for GameSalute.com, so I don’t think I have much left to say about it here. Be sure to check out their coverage, including my interviews with Ryan Macklin from Indy Press Revolution and Drew Nolosco from WizKids.

I picked up an awesome collector’s set of Savage Worlds, which means I won’t need at least one of the several copies of the Explorer’s Edition I own. Maybe we can run our first GFG Giveaway to find it a good home? Yes, lets do that! E-mail us at guiltfreegames[at]gmail.com and reference this article by the end of September and we’ll draw a lucky winner for a gently used Explorer’s Edition.

I had to stand in a long line to buy the collector’s edition, but that gave me the opportunity to speak with one of the game’s writers. The dude who wrote the chase rules in fact. The super awesome chase rules that I adore and adapt for other games, so meeting him was a pleasure.

I bought a bunch of other rad games (DC Adventures and Mr. Jack Pocket), and I met a ton of cool people, which I guess is the point of conventions. I even hosted some panels, which was a new experience for me.

All in all, Gen Con was a success: I ate too much Steak n’ Shake, got no sleep, and played not nearly enough games.


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