A GFG Review of the Game Formerly Known as Pink Godzilla

It may not be worth reviewing Pink Godzilla Dev Kit since it technically doesn’t exist anymore, but gosh darn it, it’s a game worth playing. Pink Godzilla, published in 2006, is a card game created by a video game store (formerly) of the same name. Instead of referring to it as the legally prohibited Pink Godzilla or referring to is as the new name of the store (Pink GORILLA), I’m going to refer to it as THE GAME FORMERLY KNOWN AS PINK GODZILLA.

TGFKAPG, was created by a video game store as I mentioned, so it has a unique theme for a card game – video game development.  Each of the up to four players are game development studios in a race to earn the most points for their completed video games. Its like really being in the industry — Metacritic score means everything, and some games get cancelled no matter how awesome the demo was at E3.

Ganes are created by placing three types of cards in a row: Title, Character, and Gear (which needs two cards). More of each type of card can be played as long as names are not shared. Matching genres is an important part of game development, so you cannot put a guitar in your roleplaying game. Sorry Ephemeral Fantasia fans.

An example of a complete game, Pinky Gear Solid, would be:

“Pinky Gear Solid (5 points) + Pink Godzilla (4 points) + Weapon (2 points) + Vehicle (5 points) = 16 points!

TGFKAPG quickly wins you over with its theme and cute art, but the gameplay is also fun and refreshing. A shared resource row and special cards, such as cards which let you earn a small bonus for making “copycats” of your rival’s games, adds the competition necessary to keep the game tense.

While the Game Formerally Known as Pink Godzilla is now out of print with little chance of a comeback, it may still be hiding in your local FLGS. It plays great with two, three, or four players, and you can fit a game in a half-hour. It’s also packaged in a deck box, which makes it more portable than the popular card games of the last few years. Video game fans will love the in-jokes, but table top gamers sick of dragon slaying and farming will get a kick out of it too.


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