Guilt Free Updates

As always, we here at GFG have been very busy in that awful, terrible, oppressive place known as “the real world.” When this happens, I like to pop down here for a minute just to remind people that we haven’t gone  missing and the blog is still alive. We’ve been proud of our first two podcasts, but … Continue reading

Once more to Mordor: The Lord of the Rings rises again

Prior to college, the extent of my gaming outside of video games had pretty much been limited to the occasional board game such as Hero Quest while growing up. I eventually put together a motley crew of D&D players and tried some 2nd edition in middle school. In high school I was introduced to Settlers … Continue reading

GM Musings: Star Wars Saga Edition

I finally brought a group together for a second session of my Star Wars Saga campaign, and Josh’s latest article inspired me to share some thoughts on it. I don’t want to get too detailed about upcoming events in the campaign since my players may be reading, but nothing is stopping me from talking about our … Continue reading

From the archives: Immersing players in the fictional world I’ve created

Please forgive the lateness! Work related road trip hasn’t afforded me too much free time. That being said, here is a little something from my personal blog from February about the trials and tribulations of me becoming a DM. Normally I don’t post about D&D here, but I thought I’d throw out stuff I have … Continue reading

From Bits to Chits: The Conclusion

We’ve talked about board games that would make great video games and video games that would make great board games, but now we should discuss what’s actually out there. What are some of the best, worst, and obscure adaptations?