Guilt Free Chat – Episode 2

Check out Episode 2 here!

We now bring you Episode 2 of our stunning, award winning podcast series. This one is a lengthy one. We felt we had to make up for the two week interval. This time around we delve deeply into dungeons of all sorts, from vampire abodes, to dragon’s lairs. Enjoy!

0′ – 1’01” Introduction
1’02” – 10’20” Dungeonquest
10’21” – 23’59” Castle Ravenloft Board Game and upcoming D&D Adventure Game System Releases
24’00” – 33’03 D&D Red Box, D&D Essentials (Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Rules Compendium)
33’04” – 38’22” Resident Evil Deckbuild Game
38’23” – END Savage Worlds Contest, Upcoming Contests
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We’ll also be moving this to a more permanent home soon, as opposed to my personal webspace. Stay tuned for details. For now, please enjoy.

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