GM Musings: Star Wars Saga Edition

I finally brought a group together for a second session of my Star Wars Saga campaign, and Josh’s latest article inspired me to share some thoughts on it. I don’t want to get too detailed about upcoming events in the campaign since my players may be reading, but nothing is stopping me from talking about our first two sessions.

There was at least a month and a half between sessions, and this taught me something as someone who has seen many campaigns fall apart lately. When you’re in high school, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see the same people every weekend, but adults have a lot going on. I’ve learned that the only way to keep a potential campaign from being flagged a one-shot is to be persistent. Whenever you have a free day, give your group a call and schedule the game. Don’t cancel if only one or two people can’t make it, and don’t be afraid to take on new players.

You’ll see the make up of your table shift slightly each session, but the story will continue.  While it might be a little unfair to continue the story without a player, you can work their return into a later session with epic results. Think of it like a TV show that’s lost one of its stars so they can go make a movie. Ratings go through the roof when they come back to guest star. And if the player never makes it back to the table? Well, I always preferred B.J. Hunnicutt to Trapper John anyways.

Fortunately, we only lost one character, Nah Nah Dunks, the Gungan played by GFG’s very own Jeff, and the group picked up a Gamorrean body guard named Jubnak, played by the internets own Gamefiend. I think the key to the player swap is to leave a convenient opening between each session. The party were  Fringers, unfortunately mistaken for Rebels, who snuck aboard the “Kuari Princess,” a luxurary ship along the lines of the Titanic. By the end of the first session, the party was decked out in formal wear and on their way to the grand ball. When episode two came around and pirates attacked the ship, I let Nah Nah fade into the background as Jubnak left his post as the bodyguard of a dignitary so he could participate in his favorite activity — bustin’ skulls.

I ran the adventure from an old module that was released in the West End Games era of Star Wars roleplaying. “Riders on the Maelstrom” supplied plenty of hooks and settings, but I threw the book aside when the plot became too convoluted to use anymore. Much of the book assumed the party were Rebels, so many of the encounters involving the Empire just seemed like the players would have been sticking their noses where it could have been blown off. I still want to give the players a chance to join any faction they choose, but I don’t want to force them to make that decision in the first adventure.

By the end of the adventure, the party finally got their own ship, and I was thrilled. I have big plans for that Sith Infiltrator they got their hands on, and it won’t pay off without a few more sessions. I just have to remember my new GM mantra — Persistence, persistence, persistence.

If you want to continue following our Saga Edition game, check out my Obsidian Portal page for the campaign, Star Wars: Sword of the Demon

One Response to “GM Musings: Star Wars Saga Edition”
  1. Mike says:

    Ive been a Star Wars fan since the movie came out and played the rp since the d6 version came out. Id be honored to play if you ever get another game going or if you wish to play. I hope you are still acting was always a fan of mash
    Mike Sowards

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