Guilt Free Updates

As always, we here at GFG have been very busy in that awful, terrible, oppressive place known as “the real world.” When this happens, I like to pop down here for a minute just to remind people that we haven’t gone  missing and the blog is still alive.

We’ve been proud of our first two podcasts, but the third one has seen some delay. We’re not podfading so soon, though! We did record it the other weekend, but neither of us have had time to edit. It will be up soon, and we can hopefully record another this weekend.

I also want to mention that today is the final day to enter our Savage Worlds: Explorer’s Edition giveaway. It seems like I’ve been promoting this forever, so our next giveaway is probably going to be a few weeks away, and with a shorter window for entry. I’ll be announcing the winner of the game on Saturday.

Finally, Halloween is almost here! I celebrate Halloween from October 1st through 31st with lots of scary movies and appropriately themed games. Since I begin my traditions so early, I’ll be able to give you some recommendations before your real party on the 31st.

The real world is calling me, so I have to run. Remember to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for all your latest updates from Guilt Free Games.


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