Dungeon Mastering Horror: Tips on making your Halloween D&D game memorable

So I realize I’ve been lagging in my posts. Then I agonized about reviewing something, but I couldn’t settle on anything. Then it came to me: As someone who loves Halloween and horror games, why not impart a little wisdom on you aspiring DMs out there on how to make your Halloween D&D night memorable? … Continue reading

Gamma World Game Day: A Player’s Perspective

I went to the Gamma World Game Day event Saturday, and I had a fun time traversing the wasteland. It started off as a small affair with a GM and two players, but that was one more player than my first experience with the game. I rolled a Telekinetic Giant, armed myself with a rake … Continue reading

Gamma World Impressions

Radiated wastelands and mutant freaks — how else would I want to spend a Saturday afternoon? In the past I’ve gotten my post-apocalyptic fix with a couple hours of Fallout 3, but ┬ánow the new Gamma World based on fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons released this weekend. I played an encounter today and it’s going … Continue reading

Game Essentials: The Fury of Dracula

The Game Essentials series aims to highlight our favorite games in different genres. These games make the best of their setting and mechanics to create an immersive and exciting game experience. As the sun sets on the Carpathian Mountains, the famed Castle Dracula sits empty. Some years have passed since his foray into England, and … Continue reading

We have a winner!

The winner of our Savage Worlds: Explorer’s Edition is B Lynn. Congratulations B, enjoy your “Fast. Furious. Fun.” as the game likes to say.