Gamma World Game Day: A Player’s Perspective

I went to the Gamma World Game Day event Saturday, and I had a fun time traversing the wasteland. It started off as a small affair with a GM and two players, but that was one more player than my first experience with the game. I rolled a Telekinetic Giant, armed myself with a rake and a T-shirt cannon (that fired coffee mugs I carried on a bandolier), and set off towards a town besieged by bacon-hungry pig men.

My travelling companion was one Mulch Mossman, MD, a Plant Mind Breaker. My name was Nigel “Ten Fingers” (six on one hand). After we were sent off on our mission by the mayor, we encountered a gang of Porkers on the road. I tried to negotiate with them, and it was almost successful. If we went a route that would take us several days out of our way, they would leave us alone. I told them this was inconvenient and used a telekinetic blast to shove them through the windows of an abandoned car.

Our first battle was mostly a success, apart from me almost dying from radiation poisoning from a Blood Crow. After I picked myself off the ground, we rescued a Speedster Hawkoid from the trunk of one of the cars. This was a new player who joined us mid game. He had watched us play for a few minutes, and he was compelled to join us. We gathered up some Omega Tech we found (lots of Ishtar weaponry). I used one of my Alpha Powers to resurrect one of the dead Porkers and made him carry my gear as we continued towards the abandoned factory where the Porkers were said to be hiding.

In a dark parking garage, we threw on our night vision goggles and discovered the place was crawling with cockroaches. Giant cockroachs on two legs, carrying assault rifles, and wearing gang colors. After dispatching them, we found a tank. Omega Tech cards are awesome because, I repeat, we found a TANK. Unfortunately, the tank wouldn’t fit in the elevator, so we had to leave it.

In the security room, there was some security footage we could find. This was one of the neat features of the Game Day because there was actually a website that WOTC setup with a YouTube clip showing the Cockroaches taking over the garage. This was really neat, but ultimately it seemed a little under utilized since it showed us something that we had already taken care of. I’d like to see them elaborate on this idea though, and maybe we’ll see things like this included in the home adventures, like the upcoming Famine in Far-Go.

Our final encounter was in a lab where the Porker boss and his gang were trying to get some machinery to work. This was a great fight because it showed off a variety of Gamma World monsters. Along with all the Porkers, we fought a Badder (read: badger), and a Hoop (a giant Rambo bunny).  While the Porker boss was formidable, he was hit hard by my Ultrashriek Alpha Power, which did 10d8 damage when I overcharged it. Because Gamma World is insane.

Our reward for the session were promo Alpha Power and Omega Tech cards. The promo Alpha was cool because it lets you copy other Alpha Powers, but the Omega Tech card was a Powdered Scientist. Just add water. Gamma World is hilarious, and the mutations and tech really help to add to the zany and unpredictable nature of the game. Some people were nervous about the cards being a dirty money grab, but I think it adds a lot to the experience. I was a little bummed that I had to buy two packs to play, but I ended up feeling like it was worth it. I won’t rush to buy a booster box, but the concept is solid.

Now that I’ve played a full game of Gamma World, I really like it. Some people are concerned that it is only a side game to D&D, but I can imagine running this as a full campaign. Who cares if you only go to level 10? Are you really playing just to write bigger numbers on your character sheet, or are you playing so you can shoot coffee mugs out of a t-shirt cannon?


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