Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is digesting their feasts with some great games. I followed my dinner with Settlers of Catan with my wife, sister, and, for the first time ever, my grandfather. I also came prepared with Forbidden Island and Dweebies, two other family favorites. GFG’s Game of the Year Awards are right around the corner. … Continue reading

Let’s Get Topical: Dungeons and Dragons Virtual Table

We don’t cover too much breaking news at GFG, usually because board games don’t have much breaking news. We also write too infrequently to keep up with any news as it happens. But in a convenient turn of events, Wizards of the Coast announced the Virtual Table for Dungeons and Dragons on the very same day I … Continue reading

Mystery Rummy – Jack the Ripper: Rummy with zing

London- The streets are dark in the gloom of an overcast evening. The now immortal Whitechapel Murders have begun and the hunt is on for the elusive Jack the Ripper. Marshall the evidence, interview the suspects, and get to the bottom of it before these murders continue! I was initially skeptical that a game which … Continue reading

Resident Evil Deck Building Game: David’s Final Word

I played Resident Evil: Deck Building Game (which is one of the most awkward titles ever) at Gen Con, and I was pretty open about my feelings of that experience. I came away from the show thinking that it was unoriginal and frustrating, but I’ll admit that the presentation at the show prejudiced me against the game. … Continue reading