Court Rules on Prison DM Case

Last year, prison guardsĀ confiscated convicted killer Kevin Singer’s Dungeons and Dragons books and the adventure he wrote. We mentioned this about a year ago when the inmate lost a lawsuit in an attempt to get his books back, but apparently he tried to appeal. He was denied again, and this time the court had better … Continue reading

Pirate Fluxx

Fluxx is a quickplaying card game that shares plenty in common with Munchkin. Maybe not in playstyle, but definitely in how many freaking editions there are. My only prior Fluxx experience has been Zombie Fluxx, so I can’t compare Pirate Fluxx to many of the other editions. I can however say that I much prefer … Continue reading

My First BattleTech Battle

As I had mentioned a few weeks ago, I have procured a box of 2nd edition BattleTech. I had never played before, but I couldn’t resist a piece of table top history for one dollar at a used book store. I was excited to see the FASA logo front and center on the box, and … Continue reading

The Hobbit

In case you thought Fantasy Flight ran out of material for more Tolkien games, they released a new game based on The Hobbit. This is not the Hobbit FFG published in 2002, and it is instead a brand new game by Reiner Knizia. The Hobbit shares much in common with Knizia’s Beowulf game. Instead of … Continue reading


  Before publishers discovered that word games sell better when they’re stuffed in a fruit, US Games Systems published Snatch-It. Snatch-It is a simple game, sold in a simple plastic tube, but that doesn’t mean it lacks a competitive challenge when you go head to head against your friends.