Pirate Fluxx

Fluxx is a quickplaying card game that shares plenty in common with Munchkin. Maybe not in playstyle, but definitely in how many freaking editions there are. My only prior Fluxx experience has been Zombie Fluxx, so I can’t compare Pirate Fluxx to many of the other editions. I can however say that I much prefer Zombie Fluxx.

Pirate Fluxx just didn’t have enough of a game to float the boat. Where Creepers and Keepers kept something happening on every turn with Zombie Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx focuses on the core rules of matching Keepers to Goals. The randomness to what determines this is not as hidden in Pirate Flux, which makes the game not as fun.

There is a new card type introduced in Pirate Fluxx called Surprise cards. These can played on other people’s turns. For example, the Veto card can be used to deflect a new Goal card being played. I’ve never seen pirates be so democratic though, so these cards often seem unthemetic. They do add strategy to the general Fluxx concept, so they make good additions to other Fluxx decks.

The best card in Pirate Fluxx is the Talk Like a Pirate rule. It kept us having fun even when we were would have normally been bored of the game. Definitely mix this card into all your Fluxx decks if you play often.

While Pirate Fluxx introduces some fun cards, the game on its own is just too weak. Don’t bother with it as your first Fluxx game. It will mix well with the other decks, but there isn’t much good you can say about a Fluxx game where player’s place goal cards that win the game for their opponents.


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