Court Rules on Prison DM Case

Last year, prison guards confiscated convicted killer Kevin Singer’s Dungeons and Dragons books and the adventure he wrote. We mentioned this about a year ago when the inmate lost a lawsuit in an attempt to get his books back, but apparently he tried to appeal. He was denied again, and this time the court had better reasons.

The first time around, the story was silly because of the judge using phrases like roleplaying promoted “addictive escape behavior” and “fantasy roleplaying.” It seemed to me that it was more dangerous that inmates would be hanging around together drawing maps. That was the judge’s focus this time around, and thus he upheld the ban on RPGs because the group could become a gang. Other inmates expressed this concern, which was the cause of the guards confiscating the books in the first place.

I wonder if writing about this fool’s lawsuits will become an annual tradition. Stay tuned for next January when we report on Kevin Singer digging out of his cell with a D&D Fortune card as a shovel.

(via Fox News. And props to them for not turning it into an 80s style “D&D is for nutters” article.)


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