Party On! – Reverse Charades

We don’t review a lot of party games at GFG because we’re just to cool for that. Well, that’s not entirely true, but I do carry a certain prejudice against party games. Occasionally a game will come around that pulls me out of my shell, and I have a good time. I played a couple of party games over Super Bowl weekend, so I figured I would share some of my thoughts on them. I’ll be posting reviews on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week.

On Monday I reviewed Hex Hex XL, and I felt like it was a party game that needed a little explanation. Reverse Charades, however, speaks for itself. Well, I guess you’re not allowed to speak in charades. Perhaps it pantomimes for itself?

Reverse Charades is a little misleading because the game is just another take on the classic party game. The key difference, and what puts the “reverse” in the title, is that one player on a team guesses the word that the rest of the team is acting out. I think it’s a great variant on an old favorite, and having to act out a scene with multiple people is more interesting than everyone shouting from the couch. Standing in the center of the room with your teammates as you act out the phrase “Mouse Trap” makes you feel like you’re in a Whose Line Is It Anyways? sketch.

The one problem that this game faces on the market is that people play charades for free all the time. You don’t really need to buy the game when the rules have been known in parlours around the world for centuries. You could argue that you have everything you need to play Reverse Charades right now. That might be true, but you would be missing out on a sleek and inexpensive package.

I think Reverse Charades would be best marketed as a “charades kit.” It comes with plenty of cards, most of which are well designed for several actors, and the cards are bright, clear, and durable, an important combination when you need to draw them quickly and then toss them away. An hour glass is also included, although we just played using the timers on our phones.

And if you still don’t think Reverse Charades is a game you need to pay for and you have a smartphone, then there is a Reverse Charades app for iPhone and Android. It’s free, includes seventy cards, and has a built in timer. You can even enter team names.

I assume plenty of you don’t think a game you could have thought of on your own is worth $20. But you didn’t think of it, did you?


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