Trapped in the Closet: The Man Cave

  UPDATE (4/3/11): Looks like Kobolds Ate My Baby! won the vote, so I’ll be playing this next. I”ll share the experience in a future post — hopefully not too far into the future. ***** Behold my game closet (well, two sides of it). Some call it my man cave, but half the stuff in … Continue reading

7 Wonders

I’ve craved a great civilization themed game for a while, but I think that building a real civilization from scratch would take less time than most games in the genre take to play. I bought Through the Ages a few years ago, and I played it once. It took hours just to get through the … Continue reading

Review: Sickness in Springdale

With our usual weekly campaign on hold last night, we took the opportunity to play “Sickness in Springdale,” a new adventure by Tracy Hurley (aka Sarah Darkmagic). It’s the first 4E adventure in an interesting line that publisher Postmortem Studios calls “6-Pack Adventures.” The quests are designed to be easy to run and play in … Continue reading

Dungeon Doors – You’re Doing It Wrong!

In almost every D&D game I’ve played, I see the same scene play out again and again. The party gets the quest, we march miles through the woods, fight a few kobolds, and we finally come upon the dungeon door. We’re a party of mighty warriors, wise holy men, and spellbinding mages, but a dungeon … Continue reading

I Thought I’d Never Need to Buy Another Munchkin Game

Munchkin was one of my first games. Then I got Super Munchkin. Then the Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin. My friends had Star Munchkin, Munchkin Fu, and Chtulhu Munchkin. Between everyone I knew, I think we had enough Munchkin. At some point, I was so sick of Munchkin I decided I hated it for … Continue reading