My 5wiTs Adventure

I had the best 25th birthday party ever last weekend! It might be the only 25th birthday party I’ll ever have, but awesome nonetheless. My wife organized a trip down to Gillette Stadium, where the New England Patriots play, to check out Patriot Place. It’s basically an outdoor mall, but they have some unique attractions — one of which is 5wiTs.5wiTs is difficult to describe. I know because after weeks of anticipation I still walked into their doors not knowing what was going on. In short, it is an incredibly well crafted LARP. A guide ushers the group through a series of rooms with different challenges as everyone pretends to be spies.

We arrived at 5wiTs, and waited for our scheduled time. Our adventure for the afternoon was called “Espionage.” After receiving the TOP SECRET mission disc, we were ushered into an unassuming rug shop that was set up next to 5wiTs’ gift shop. The shopkeeper revealed herself to be our mission operator, and we got our mission details. Of course, those are TOP SECRET, and I don’t want to spoil them for you.

The ventilation shaft guarded by lasers.

I will say that in the course of our one hour adventure, we lived out our greatest spy fantasies. Ever wanted to dart through a laser security field, crack a safe, or defuse a bomb? 5wiTs is the place to go. Some of my more cynical friends expected to be able to break the illusion, but through a combination of low-tech tricks and special effects wizardry the entire mission was convincing. Several of us commented that it seemed like an attraction at Disney World — 5wiTs is that impressive.

There is a lot to do during the adventure; it’s not just special effects going off in your face as you stand passive. What makes it a game,  is that there are several puzzles to solve. A lot of these will be recognized as twists on classic puzzles, but 5wiTs fit each puzzle into the spy theme. We had a large group, but everyone had a chance to solve a mystery or do something cool. All the puzzles require everyone to use teamwork too, so no one is left out for long.

Somebody set us up the bomb!

Our group was particularly large and rowdy, so I want to give our mission operator mad props. Jeff broke a desk, Sarah accidentally photographed our guide’s chest, and we were generally the most bumbling spies this side of Austin Powers. Yet she was extremely patient and never showed any annoyance. As I said, it was like something from the House of Mouse, and the staff is as professional as any graduates of Disney University.

If you’re around the New England area I highly recommend taking a break from D&D or whatever you play, and bringing your gaming group to 5wiTs. It’s fairly priced at $18 dollars, and I recommend you reserve a spot (you’ll need a group of at least 10 people for reservations). The adventure is about an hour, and while it’s a little pricier and shorter than a movie, it’s a lot cooler to crawl under laser tripwire yourself instead of watching Tom Cruise do it.


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