Awkward Family Photos… The Game!?

We’ve just heard by means of ye olde email inbox that the makers of Loaded Questions have a couple of games out now, one of which is based on the extremely amusing and occasionally uncomfortable site Awkward Family Photos.

I’m a huge fan of Loaded Questions, despite my general focus on hobby type games. Granted, I’ve never played it sober, but you know. Party Games! This one looks like another great drunk game candidate. In my opinion anyway. Check out the press release sent to us after the cut, and let us know if you are planning on checking this out.

Creator of Ground Breaking Game Loaded Questions Adds Two New Games and Web Site

Miami Beach, Florida (July 11, 2011) ­ Eric Poses, the innovative entrepreneur behind the popular board game Loaded Questions (more than one million copies sold), has fired up his creative juices again with two new games from his company All Things Equal.  Awkward Family Photos, based upon the hit Web site, and The Greatest Day Ever Game arrive today with the launch of, the new online home for All Things Equal’s portfolio of family and party games.

In this down economy, more Americans are turning to board games as a source of entertainment and connectivity.  According to a survey by the NPD Group, an organization tracking the toy industry, the overall toy segment was down three percent, yet board games were up six percent in 2010. “I’m proud to contribute to America’s appreciation for traditional game play with fun, creative games that promote laughter and discussion,” says Eric Poses, President of All Things Equal. “Games like Awkward Family Photos are the perfect way to bring people together and celebrate the gloriously odd side of family.  We¹ve all cringed at embarrassing moments caught on film. Awkward Family Photos is an opportunity to embrace those moments and realize we¹re not alone.”

From bad hair to forced poses to matching outfits, the Awkward Family Photos board game will have people of all ages laughing as they answer clever, open-ended questions matched up with the Web site’s library of classic and never-before-seen photos.  As part of the game’s debut, the grandparents (and now YouTube stars) of Awkward Family Photos co-founder Mike Bender share their peculiar perspective on the game in this video –  Awkward Family Photos is available for $24.99 at, Barnes & Noble and hundreds of specialty stores and online retailers.

Also joining All Things Equals library of family and party games is The Greatest Day Ever Game, an exciting and completely original matching game that replicates what would be ‘the greatest day ever’ for kids of all ages. Boasting colorful graphics and creative components, including a huge gameboard, an oversized die and a glossy book, The Greatest Day Ever Game is available for $19.99 at, Amazon and select Barnes & Noble stores.

A slideshow of gameplay and high-resolution images can be found at


Founded in 1997, All Things Equal is the brainchild of entrepreneur Eric Poses, starting with the hit game Loaded Questions.  With a small loan from his parents, Poses created the game and embarked upon a 16-week tour of the United States selling Loaded Questions from the trunk of his car.  In a short period of time the first 5,000 games sold, attracting the attention of major retailers like Target and Amazon.  Today, Loaded Questions has sold more than one million copies and boasts seven different versions.  Also within the All Things Equal portfolio is The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game, The Greatest Day Ever Game and Awkward Family Photos, based on the hit Web phenomenon.  All Things Equal products are made in America and can be found at Target, Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and at hundreds of specialty stores and Web sites.  To date, the company has generated more than $25 million in retail sales and is based in Miami Beach, FL. For more information, please visit

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Awkward Family Photos, the Board Game

Some Pictures are Worth a Thousand Laughs

Based on the hit website,, comes a celebration of the gloriously odd side of family and your new favorite party game! Just flip over classic and never-before-seen Awkward Family Photos featuring uncomfortable moments including vacations, weddings and holidays, and read aloud the open-ended questions. Your hilarious answers guarantee a night of awkward fun and if you know your fellow players well enough and can impress them with your answers, you’ll get the last laugh!

For Ages Teen-Adult, 4-6 Players

Found at these retailers:

Product Features

  • Based on the hit website, (ranked a Top 10 Comedy Website by CNN)
  • Components include a 20-sided die and a double-sided, oversized game board
  • From the makers of the bestselling Loaded Questions games
  • Creative questions combine with classic and never-before-seen Awkward Family Photos for a hilarious game night!

The Greatest Day Ever! Game

From the Maker of Loaded Questions

Imagine a day full of laughter and play. If you play your cards right, today could be your day! All around town at all the cool places, with presents-a-plenty and fun, friendly faces! The Greatest Day Ever Game is an exciting new matching game that kids and parents will love! Meet 20 amazing friends and indulge in 20 amazing presents as you experience The Greatest Day Ever!

Created by parents, for ages 5 and up, 2-4 players

Some fun tidbits about the game:

  • From the carnival to the toy store to a big beach party, find your friends and presents as you race around the coolest board ever enjoying the greatest day ever in this original and unforgettable matching game
  • The rules are simple, everyone can play!
  • A perfect game for kids AND parents
  • Quick, fun and different every time you play. You’ll play again and again!
  • Enhances identification, memory, organization and matching skills
  • Includes The Greatest Day Ever Book

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