GFG Co-Founders Josh and David.

Welcome to Guilt Free Games!  We came up with the idea to run this site as a way to share our thoughts on the various games we play. We hope you enjoy the content we’ve generated here. Feel free to spread the word or request reviews and impressions on any number of games. If you have any suggestions, comments, or if you would like to write for us you can reach us at GuiltFreeGames@gmail.com

As for the name of the site, it is a reference to a sort-of-in-joke spawned from watching the television series Extras. It was the best we could do on short notice, but we think its pretty awesome. Now we can enjoy some serious games, guilt free.

We started GFG in southern New Hampshire, but the birdies are starting to leave the nest. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we are able to represent our love of games from all over the country. Our talented writers and staff are…

Josh: Josh represents GFG South East. He is a freelancing jack of all trades by day, and extremely ADD adventurer by night. He enjoys a bevy of video and board games, but lately has been pining for Final Fantasy XIV as well as lusting over the games he didn’t get to play due to being unable to attend Gen Con this year.. He plays all sorts of instruments, and wishes he could write, compose music, make film, and play games pretty much every day, even though most of the time he is occupied with much less glamorous things. If you want to know more, go ahead and follow him on Twitter (@avaine), or visit his personal blog.

David:  David, representing GFG North East, is an aspiring  journalist, cartoonist, and astronaut with a severe motivation deficiency.  It is a real medical condition.  His ADD also means that he always has more projects in queue that will never be completed.  One of his oldest gaming memories is of the Swamp Thing animated series boardgame, and the first time he played D&D he fell off a roof and died on his first turn.  He firmly believes that quantitative ratings are detrimental to real critique, but he also enjoys X-Men 3: The Last Stand, Judd Winick comics, and Too Human so don’t pay any attention to his judgment.  Follow him on twitter @QuickerMcWild.

JM: JM is old. Like, practically ancient. While it is funny (for us) to make fun of his years, his ancient wisdom is invaluable. He’s such an experienced gamer that those Ancient Rome era D20’s that Christie’s always auctions are actually from his childhood collection. He sparkles in the daylight, so we think he’s a vampire.

Jeff: Jeff has only contributed a few articles, but we still keep him on staff to make us look more special. Jeff makes everything special. He’s like explosions in movies. He explodes all over GFG with his awesomeness. You should all write to him and let him know how awesome it would be if he wrote some scathing reviews.

Junelle: Junelle is the art and picture lady, and for that, we thank her. She now represents GFG West, working out of Burbank, CA.  You can view her portfolio here: http://junellefaye.daportfolio.com/ and follow her on Twitter @Junabelle.

Once again, if you’d like to get in touch with us, please email GuiltFreeGames@gmail.com

6 Responses to “About”
  1. John-Michael Gariepy says:

    Oh, we have an about page?.. I never even noticed this page. Let’s read what it has to say.. oh, hey! Everyone’s got a little bio, that’s nice. And down at the bottom it says that… hmm… it says that the only thing that anyone needs to know about me is that I am old?


  2. Josh says:

    You should be able to edit your entry! I wrote obnoxious bios for people so they would feel inclined to write more themselves.

  3. John-Michael Gariepy says:

    Oh, but I like complaining about other people writing me a lame bio much more than writing bios. Are you sure it’s not just better to pepper you with grievance, than to tell people I was an extra in the movie School Ties?

  4. Erich (Freddy to JM) Krueger says:

    Dammit John-Michael!

  5. Randy Shields says:

    I don’t get anything when I click on your link to include GFG on my Facebook page. Is that because my browser is Opera?

  6. Josh says:

    The link in the sidebar should be functioning. On my end it correctly directs me to the Guilt Free Games page on Facebook. I’m using Chrome. You can also just look us up on Facebook by searching for Guilt Free Games.

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