Dungeons and Dragons 4yoE (Four-Year-Old Edition)

As gamers age (And trust me, D&D is over 30 years old, they are ageing plenty), more gamers want to introduce the hobby to their children. There have been some notable attempts at this, such as RPGkids, but I decided to take an even simpler approach when playing with my cousin who just LOVES dragons. … Continue reading

Maintaining the Horror Campaign – Chapter 5

The Best Day Ever, or Why, Mr. Whedon, Why! – Chapter 5 Maintaining the Horror Campaign is a series of articles intended to not only make your players afraid of the dark, but to keep them in a state of fear through the length of a campaign.  The Introduction , Chapter 1 ,  Chapter 2,  Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 can … Continue reading

Game Essentials – Hardcore RPG: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition

The Game Essentials series aims to highlight our favorite games in different genres. These games make the best of their setting and mechanics to create an compelling and exciting game experience. The Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing Game is a venerable institution, and it was with much trepidation that I dove into the newest take on … Continue reading

Trapped in the Closet: The Man Cave

  UPDATE (4/3/11): Looks like Kobolds Ate My Baby! won the vote, so I’ll be playing this next. I”ll share the experience in a future post — hopefully not too far into the future. ***** Behold my game closet (well, two sides of it). Some call it my man cave, but half the stuff in … Continue reading

My 5wiTs Adventure

I had the best 25th birthday party ever last weekend! It might be the only 25th birthday party I’ll ever have, but awesome nonetheless. My wife organized a trip down to Gillette Stadium, where the New England Patriots play, to check out Patriot Place. It’s basically an outdoor mall, but they have some unique attractions … Continue reading