Awkward Family Photos… The Game!?

We’ve just heard by means of ye olde email inbox that the makers of Loaded Questions have a couple of games out now, one of which is based on the extremely amusing and occasionally uncomfortable site Awkward Family Photos. I’m a huge fan of Loaded Questions, despite my general focus on hobby type games. Granted, … Continue reading

Dungeons & Dragons Comics Preview

There isn’t a lot of cause for comic book reviews on GFG, but I picked up the $1 introductory issue of IDW’s new Dungeons & Dragons comic yesterday. Issue #0 has two previews for not only the Dungeons & Dragons series, but also the upcoming Dark Sun series. Both books look as though they will … Continue reading

Resident Evil: Deck Building Game Preview

Shambling through the horde of the undead, or at least very exhausted, guests at Gen Con, I came across Bandai’s booth. I would have ignored the Yu-Gi-Oh! games if a rubber Nemesis mask didn’t catch my eye. What was the notable Resident Evil monster doing there? Promoting the new Resident Evil: Deck Building Game, apparently. … Continue reading

Gen Con Preview Explosion!

Last Tuesday, a few of the Guilt Free Gamers met up at our favorite FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) Myriad Games, located in Salem, NH. ┬áDan, FLGS owner, operator, and Guilt Free Games supporter, came back from Gen Con Indianapolis with a smorgasbord of gaming goodness: preview copies of some of the hottest and most … Continue reading

Arcane Legions – An Early Look

One of the perks of writing for this blog is that I can say that I write for a blog. One of the perks of knowing the folks behind Myriad Games is that I get to preview quite a few games these days, some good, some bad, and some SUPER SECRET. During their excursion to … Continue reading