From the Journal of Agragorn Goldman

6/30/09 – Cygnar Border. I have once again found myself on the field of battle.  Under the command of Commander Coleman Stryker, I was placed in a Cygnarian gunmage unit.  We had captured a mercenary named Alten Ashley who had been working with the Trollbloods.  In the midst of the interrogation, we received the alert. … Continue reading

Warmachines and Hordes Session Notes

We had a three army mash-up Thursday in the Warmachines / Hordes setting. We fought for victory point totals over the course of 6 game turns, which was eventually shortened to 4 turns so we could all get home at a decent hour. It went slower due to being way out of practice. We each … Continue reading

Age of Conan Unboxing and Gameplay Impressions

Some of you may know I had a passing interest (read: obsession) with Age of Conan for about a month or so last summer. I played the game for hours on end, even on my vacation to Cape Cod, sky-rocketing to level 55 in a couple of weeks before running out of things to do … Continue reading

Mangled Metal!

After months of collecting dust, I have finally played WarMachine again. I was deep into the game this past summer, but I haven’t touched it since October. If you haven’t heard of WarMachine before, it is a miniatures war game akin to Warhammer. It is compatible with it’s sister game, Hordes, and is published by … Continue reading